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Belonephobia: why we’re afraid of needles

Belonephobia: have you ever heard of it? It’s one of the most common fears, and often encountered when talking about aesthetic medicine: it’s the fear of needles, pins and – in severe cases – all sharp objects such as knives or scissors. This phobia is indeed very common, much more so than you might think, and goes far beyond the more widespread and often justified fear of needles, seen as objects that could somehow pose a danger.

Belonephobia can cause very severe states of anxiety at the mere sight of needles: tachycardia, fainting, nausea, sudden sweating in the hands. In short, it’s a real problem for sufferers. Partly because although needles can be dangerous if used incorrectly or superficially, they can also be extremely useful in healthcare, and sometimes save lives (with transfusions, for instance).

The belonephobic person faces many difficult situations in daily life, when even a blood test can be an agonising experience. So when it comes to aesthetic medicine, belonephobia sufferers often give up on it at the outset, considering it unnecessary and therefore avoidable.

Belonephobia: how to deal with it in aesthetic medicine

But what if it was possible to get the benefits of cosmetic treatments without having to go anywhere near needles?

The solution lies in treatments that give the same benefits as those involving needles, but do so without using them. For example, needle-free biostimulation is used to improve the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes, to give radiance to the face, and to combat imperfections and stretch marks. It can be used for the face, neck and even the décolletage area, where deep longitudinal folds, dark spots and capillaries are often found. It is also excellent for the treatment of active acne.

But what does needle-free biostimulation consist of? It involves the application of a gel formulated with different acids, which is applied to clean skin by a doctor, and a specific massage technique using gloves until the gel is completely absorbed. It’s similar to the application of a classic peel, but its effects on skin health are deeper and more visible. Once the gel is absorbed, the treated area should be rinsed. The whole thing takes just under 30 minutes and causes no pain to the patient, who can repeat the treatment every 2 weeks for 4-6 times. The results are visible immediately and no less effective than those of conventional biostimulation.

Another effective solution for belonophobia sufferers unwilling to go without the benefits of aesthetic medicine is radiofrequency, using a hand-held device that emits electro-magnetic waves, accelerating the electrical charges of the skin and producing heat, with a frequency of some 450 Kz. This stimulates the skin tissues, with excellent effects on the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin.

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