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Hair loss is more intense during the change of season. Here’s why and what to do to make your hair stronger at the roots.

In the fall season, hair loss is more evident: is this true or just an impression? Losing 50 to 100 hairs a day is completely normal, but this amount may increase in the fall. Why does this happen? Partly it is a physiological event that occurs during the change of season, a period when the whole organism is looking for a new balance and consequently a new biorhythm, and partly it is due to the normal cycle of hair growth and fall. In fact, it has been observed that in summer the proportion of hair in the telogen phase, that is, the final growth phase before falling out, is highest, while it is lowest in winter.

Added to these two causes is the fact that during the summer months, the hair has been stressed by the sun, wind, and saltiness, and in October it presents the bill.

How to fight hair loss

It is important to boost the activity of the bulbs to get them back into the anagen phase, which is the active growth phase. How to do this?

Start with scalp sculpting. Products designed for scalp exfoliation stimulate arterial-venous microcirculation, promoting more oxygenated blood within the hair bulb. The action of exfoliation with an ad hoc product, which normally precedes shampooing, also helps regulate sebum production, which could create an obstruction and hinder healthy hair growth.

Supplements are also an effective aid in weak and shedding hair. The optimal ingredients for strengthening nails and hair and stimulating growth are biotin, which contributes to hair growth and maintenance; vitamin B6, which is essential for protein synthesis and, in particular, cysteine, a constituent amino acid of keratin. Vitamin C and E are powerful antioxidants that help preserve the bulb. Zinc is a mineral that aids in the synthesis of keratin, a protein that gives structure to the hair fiber, and then copper and selenium, which protect cells from oxidative stress.

Beware of bad hairstyling habits

In the anti-fall strategy, it is important to control styling habits. Start with using an ad hoc brush designed to detangle and comb wet hair in the shower. This limits hair breakage and knot formation. Then it is advisable to apply a heat-protective product before using the hair dryer or styler: remember that high temperatures are a source of stress for the hair, damaging and weakening it.

The relationship between stress and hair health is very close. Scientific research has shown how a very intense emotional period or excessive fatigue is not only related to the appearance of gray hair, but also to its increased fragility. High temperatures, as well as bleaching, are also a cause of stress that we can limit more easily because they are under our control.


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