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Have you ever wondered what to do after a beauty treatment such as chemical peels? Or whether there’s a specific beauty routine that will help your skin return to optimum condition following this treatment?

What to do after a peel

As we know, peeling is a cosmetic medicine treatment that’s very common and useful at all ages with different applications, which produces controlled exfoliation of cells that is not hazardous at all. However, it’s possible that your skin may show redness, peeling, dryness after the sessions, so you may need a specific skincare routine for the following weeks, to return the skin tissue to optimum condition in a short time.

Right after the peeling, you can come back to your daily activities! But, avoiding sun exposure in the days following treatment remains essential, as does the use of total sun protection at all times. What’s more, one of our skincare cosmetics has been specifically formulated as a next step to beauty treatments such as peeling, to be repeated morning and evening.

We’re talking about Gocce Vitali, a multi-recovery oil specifically formulated to nourish and elasticize dry and sensitive skin. Essential for eliminating any post-treatment redness and helping your skin return to optimum condition. The aim of a peel is actually to peel the uppermost surface of the skin and stimulate the formation of new, smoother and more compact skin. Using Gocce Vitali is the last, essential step of the whole process, because it helps with the its balancing action.

Why choose a multi-recovery oil after a chemical peel?

Although it’s an oil, this extraordinary product has a very light texture: we recommend using a small amount (just one light spray is enough) and then gently spreading it over the whole face. The area around the eyes – which in any case is not affected by the peel – should obviously be avoided.

What does it make Gocce Vitali the perfect follow-up treatment for a peel? The valuable ingredient mix – the multicomplex active principle filaggrin combines with fluid triglycerides of jojoba to rebalance the natural hydration factor (NMF), which has been severely tested after a peeling session. The product’s rebalancing action is crucial, as following this particular beauty treatment the skin barrier is naturally stressed and tired.

The pluses? Daily use of Gocce Vitali eases wrinkles, soothes the complexion and leaves the skin brighter and more toned, without heaviness: the overall result of using this product in combination with the peel will be even more satisfactory, with a faster return to optimum skin condition.

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