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The skin around the eyes is very sensitive, as it is the thinnest part of the entire body (four times more than other parts). Due to this feature, it is also the area where signs of fatigue, inflammation, and dryness occur most easily, causing the appearance of bags and dark circles.

Why dark circles and eye bags form

There are many causes of the formation of dark circles and bags.. Genetic predisposition and aging, bad eating habits, poor night’s rest, smoking and stress are among the main factors that determine their appearance. Dark circles appear as bluish-gray halos and give a tired appearance, usually temporary. There are two types of dark circles. Those of a bluish-purple color are due to a stagnant microcirculation. On the other hand, those of a color closer to beige and brown are a sign of a pigmentation issue. The two conditions can occur at different times or even simultaneously and, in some cases, can become permanent. On the other hand, puffiness is caused by water retention in the periocular area and weakening of the periocular tissues and muscles that support the eyelids. Over the years, puffiness and dark circles can become more accentuated, partly because microcirculation can worsen and make dark circles more and more pronounced. But a solution, or rather more than one, is available! Let’s see together what we can do.

First step: identify the cause

As we just learned, there are many different causes of puffiness and dark circles. Therefore, it is essential to identify the triggering factor before starting a treatment. For example, if the shading in the lower eyelid is only due to excessive pigmentation, then the deposited melanin can be removed with whitening agent-based topical treatment. If, on the other hand, the dark circles are caused by swelling induced by a pathology or an allergy, the blemish cannot be treated with these substances. Specific treatments are needed for the periocular area: it is better to prefer ingredients such as ellagic acid, licorice extract or niacinamide, or caffeine, which has the function of draining serous accumulations, allowing a rapid elimination of stagnant liquids. Furthermore, it is also a decent sunscreen and therefore helps protect the tiny capillaries around the eyes from damage caused by excessive exposure to UV rays.

The importance of prevention

The first rule to fight puffiness and dark circles is always prevention, meaning to start immediately using a specific product for the area and follow some useful “tricks” to prevent the aging of the eye contour. Here are some useful tips:

  1. Sleep with the right pillow. Eyes need to rest, so getting enough sleep will allow you to have more rested and bright eyes. One secret? Sleeping with a slightly higher pillow will prevent fluid from pooling in the face.
  2. For this area, always use a high SPF and antioxidants to avoid the appearance of spots and use sunglasses to avoid marking the eye area.
  3. Apply serums or creams specifically for the eye area in a gentle manner, always tapping with the fingertip, it is better to use the ring finger to apply less pressure, and light movements from the tear duct outwards.

The right products to fight bags and dark circles

Choosing the best eye cream isn’t that difficult. Here are three suggestions that might help.


Cosmeceutical treatment for the eye contour is suitable for skin thinned and marked by wrinkles, loss of elasticity and firmness, and for those who want to restore freshness and brightness to the eyes. The cosmeceutical formulation contains bioactive phytoextracts with biostimulating and restorative properties that make the skin firm and elastic and Easyliance IO® that enhances the anti-aging action. The formula is completed by ceramides, which moisturize the skin, giving it the necessary protection.

Collagenil Liftensive Perfect Eye

This eye contour is recommended for those who want to tighten and tone the area and for those who need to smooth out lines and wrinkles around the eye area. It contains a unique combination of neuropeptides (Argireline® & Eyeseryl®) and phytoactive molecular complexes (Actiguard®) that instantly smooth lines and wrinklesi around the eye area while toning and diminishing dark under-eye discoloration. To protect the skin, phytoactive molecular complexes (Actiguard®) slow down the physiological process of dermal sagging and prevent skin tissue damage.

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