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Light creams with pigments, bronzers, and illuminants to mix, and shimmer powders that light up the eyes: find out how to create a summer glow makeup.

The word glow means to sparkle, light, shine. Therefore, the glow effect,  is synonymous with the glow on the skin of the face, which, according to current trends, should be as natural as possible. To recreate a glowy finish, an face illuminating primer, bronzer, and tinted creams are the best allies. Let’s see together how to use them to bring to life a make-up that is always on the crest of the wave.

How to do glow makeup: the products

Let’s start with the glow makeup base with all the products needed to recreate it. Skincare becomes essential for successful glow make-up. Moisturization is the keyword. A hyaluronic acid serum along with a moisturizer, and eye contour are a must in the skincare routine at any time of the year and work with any type of skin. Here are 2two products selected for you that could be very useful.

Laboratori Collagenil Re-Pulp Hyaluronic Gel

Suitable for all skin types, especially with dull complexion and skin exposed daily to oxidative stress damage, it makes the skin more toned, relaxed, and radiant.

Laboratori Collagenil Liftensive Perfect Eye

A cosmeceutical treatment, it is indicated for firming and toning the eye area.

After applying the right skincare, you can enhance the glowing effect by using an illuminating primer that can create a lightweight luminous layer on the skin and, at the same time, moisturize it even more while hiding small blemishes. The next step is the foundation with a satin formula and light texture rich in microparticles that reflect light, evening out the skin. Illuminating and iridescent fluids and pearlescent blushes complete the look giving just that glowy touch you expect from glowy makeup.

Glow makeup tutorial: how to choose textures

Scientific innovation allows us to choose from a huge number of different textured products. You can try stick products to emphasize the dewy finish. They are applied with your fingertips to create a widespread glow effect or directly on the skin for high-impact face makeup ( then blend them out with a brush). The sticks should be applied to the cheekbones, forehead, chin, and bridge of the nose, being very careful to dose the amount to avoid the “shiny skin” effect. On the other hand, gel formulas are those that can be best adjusted with different results from time to time. You can, for example, mix a gel primer with a foundation and apply the product directly with your fingers. Textures that allow you to bring out the most luminosity are liquid ones: try the difference by using drops of an illuminant on your cheekbones! To best apply liquid products, it is best to use a brush or sponge. Again, we are faced with multitasking proposals to mix or not with other products for a diffused or concentrated effect on one part of the face.

How to choose the colors

Here are a few tips for finding the right “match” with one’s skin. Those with warm skin may prefer rosy tones, both for illuminants and blushes, while olive skin tones are perfectly enhanced by products in bronze and orange shades (also ideal for those who are already tanned). Then there are neutral shades such as champagne gold that can be worn on any complexion type.

Makeup glow: how to complete the beauty look

After creating the facial base, nothing could be easier than sealing the make-up with a generous coat of mascara on the lashes. The lips should go natural with lipstick in peachy pink or bright red shades, if you want to emphasize this part of the face. Never forget also the eyebrows to be outlined with an appropriate pencil. Glow makeup is always customizable but requires only one thing: a result as natural as possible even in the details.

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