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Spring changes the skincare “wardrobe” in favor of lighter treatments. But is this the case for everyone? The truth is that the choice of face cream really depends a lot on subjective preferences and skin type, even though with the warm weather coming, we are all trying lighter and more easily absorbed formulas. Here’s how to revamp your spring beauty case according to your skin type.

Mixed skin face cream for spring

Mixed skin is one of the most common skin types. The main characteristic? The T-zone (forehead, chin, and nose) is quite oily and has enlarged pores and impurities. The cheek area, on the other hand, can be normal or even dry in both winter and spring. In this case, the choice can be twofold: use different products for different areas of the face, or choose according to the prevalence of one of the two types, oily vs. dry. The ideal face cream for mixed skin in spring is always a moisturizer but light and tending to be sebum-balancing. The advice, then, is to put at least two different types of treatments in your beauty case to alternate depending on the situation. In spring, you might still have some dry skin problems due to the weather changes, while with the first sun, some shine might come out (be careful never to forget the sunscreen!).

Recommended products.

Starting with cleansing: Cleansing Soft Scrub by Laboratori Collagenil is a cleansing cream with a scrubbing action that gently exfoliates while respecting the skin’s pH.

Face cream for dry skin

Dry skin suffers from a lipid deficiency. Compared to normal skin, it  retains less moisture and is unable to build a defensive barrier against external attacks. If you have dry skin, you will notice that it is rougher, often dull, and thinner. In addition, it is often prone to itching, especially during the change of seasons. So even in spring, you need to use an oil and soothing treatment as well as a moisturizer. Ceramides, squalene, hyaluronic acid (a substance already present in our dermis that “retains” water, reducing the risks of dehydration and leaving the face soft, supple, and smooth), vitamin E, and urea are generally the key ingredients for treatments designed for dry skin at any season of the year. More than the formulation, therefore, it is the texture that is worth paying attention to. With the first warm weather, in fact, it may be necessary to abandon the richer ones, perhaps to be reserved for the evening, in favor of jelly or light textures, also excellent as a make-up base.

The recommended product

For dry and sensitive skin, the must-have product is Dry & Sensitive Gocce Vitali, a lipid-based treatment with a light texture, specifically formulated to restructure, nourish and elasticize.

Spring face cream for oily skin

Unlike dry skin, oily skin is characterized by high sebum production. Pores are clearly visible, along with blackheads, comedones, and acne. The ideal face cream for oily skin is astringent but moisturizing, sebum-balancing but purifying, and finally, mattifying. The key ingredients depend on the presence of acne: from azelaic acid to salicylic acid, from AHAs-fruit acids to glycolic acid, not forgetting tea tree, aloe vera, lavender, and sage, all natural soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Finally, sebum-regulating ingredients, in addition to azelaic acid, include kaolin, phytosterols, probiotics, burdock, and brewer’s yeast. What type of treatment should oily skin prefer in spring? In this case, little changes from winter. Instead, it would be appropriate to modify cleansing in favor of a gentle cleanser and choose a lighter cream with which to combine a sunscreen for the first out-of-doors weekends.

Spring face cream for dry skin

Fragile and often overreactive, not very elastic, and often dehydrated, this skin type can be sensitive mixed or sensitive and dry. In the first case, the cream for impure and sensitive skin must treat impurities but be gentle and moisturizing at the same time without being too heavy. Therefore, we recommend a cream with a light texture and soothing properties. In the second case, on the other hand, the sensitive and dry skin face cream must nourish, moisturize and soothe (as always with regard to sensitive skin), restoring the lipid component that this skin type tends to lose easily.

Normal skin face cream

Balanced, with a fresh complexion, soft and smooth and without particular imperfections, this is normal skin. Products for daily spring skincare should be emollient and moisturizing and with active ingredients that try to maintain the status quo of the skin that is always put to the test during the season. So be careful: gentle cleansing and moisturizing creams are the correct and foolproof combination!

Recommended products: for cleansing, there is Cleansing Detergente Restitutivo, a very gentle cream cleanser. As a treatment, on the other hand, when the need is to choose a product that performs an anti-aging action, an excellent solution is Re-Pulp 3D, a cosmeceutical treatment ideal for a face that manifests loss of volume, tone, and localized skin depletion, especially on the cheekbones, cheeks and, nasogenic furrows-those deep wrinkles that start from the nostrils and reach the sides of the mouth.

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