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Aging in a nutshell

The biological phenomenon of skin aging is unavoidable and occurs via both age-dependent deterioration of cellular functions and external contact with harmful stimuli, such as the sun. The decline of skin structure, which appears as phenotypical changes in the skin, is brought on by our cell’s ability to repair damaged DNA, produce collagen, or self-renew. Pre-mature phenotypical changes in our skin in the form of hyperpigmentation, changes in skin texture, and sagging can be a result of lifestyle choices, genetics, and skincare. Knowing how to prevent the signs of aging with skincare could help us look younger for longer.

How wrinkles form

Wrinkles are the by-product of a very complex biological aging process and can be described as a buildup of DNA damage in our cells. Our body with time loses the ability to provide a robust molecular response to repair damaged DNA, and thus the vital functions that keep our skin intact are lost with time. Every time we wink, smile, frown- we are making fixed and static imprints in our skin that deepen over time due to our body’s decreased collagen production. Volume loss in our face leads to the appearance of skin folds, causing what is known as dynamic wrinkles.

Studies have shown that aging is more than 80% due to our lifestyle choices and diets. Behaviors such as smoking contribute to accelerated skin aging by impairing collagen production and wound healing responses. When we deprive our body of vital nutrients, our skin can appear dry, dehydrated, and aged. Therefore, knowing how to take care of your skin is vital to not only your health but looking healthy as well.

Using Skincare to Fight Aging

A skincare routine can prevent many skin problems such as wrinkles, acne scarring, and hyperpigmentation. Because of this, there is essentially no age that is too young for skincare. Some would argue that the only thing more important than starting early, is picking quality anti-aging skincare products.

How Your Skincare Can Prevent Aging

Active participation in an anti-aging skincare routine is one of the best ways we can delay or prevent premature aging. Investing in quality anti-aging skincare products and UVA sunscreen is a great investment for your future skin.

Invest in an Anti-Aging Serum

Serums are a great addition to any skincare routine, especially those targeting aging concerns. Anti-Aging serums are thinner in consistency and therefore penetrate the deeper layers of skin, which are at higher risk of aging. Serums are also more potent than anti-aging creams as they are often formulated with higher concentrations of humectants and anti-aging actives. While serums cannot repair DNA damage, they can stimulate the natural recovery process of your skin and protect against future damage.

The Bio Longevity Serum

Applying products like the Bio Longevity Serum can delay the onset of aging by moisturizing deep into your skin. It is formulated with shea butter, an excellent moisturizer that is rich in fatty acids, and plant extracts that play important roles in our skin health. As we age our skin loses nourishment, and the seawater that is in the Bio Longevity Serum revitalizes the skin with a surge of minerals. This anti-aging serum is the perfect skincare product for any routine.

Prevent Skin Damage Before It Starts

The majority of premature aging is caused by UV radiation. To understand the amount of damage that can accumulate by not wearing sunscreen regularly, you must understand that a day out in the sun without protection causes hundreds of thousands of DNA damage in our cells. As our skin cells lose the ability to repair DNA damage, we develop risks for photo-aging and certain cancers. As a result, all anti-aging skincare routines should be completed with a generous application of sunscreen.

Prevention is easier than correction.

When it comes to beauty, prevention is not only easier than correction, but it is often safer and less expensive. Skincare has been proven to reduce and even slow down the visible signs of aging. For these reasons, it is necessary to treat our skin carefully, nourish it and protect it from harmful external stimuli.

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