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At home as in a spa, if not during winter season, then when? The winter months are the best time to devote time to self-care, with rituals that require a slow approach but amplify wellness for body and mind. Wellness practices that work as a digital detox, to detox from the use of technology and hours spent in front of blue light, which is now known to worsen rest and accelerate skin aging.

Digital detox and warm rituals

Those who do not have the opportunity to indulge in a spa treatment can transform the bathroom at home, starting with the right atmosphere with scented candles, essential aroma diffusers, and the right playlist.

In the warmth of the tub, listening to relaxing songs or guided meditation tracks has a rejuvenating effect. Every moment can become mindful; just slow down and experience it mindfully to reset the mind from the rest.

Like at the spa: the body treatments

Dry Brushing. If you can never find time to do it but want it for your body, dry brushing is invigorating, improves circulation, and produces skin exfoliation that accelerates cell renewal.

Scalp Therapy. Scalp massage has a relaxing effect. It is done before applying shampoo, with oils and exfoliating products that regenerate the skin and take care of hair health.

Like at the spa: the facials treatments

If you have ever bought a state-of-the-art facial tool but never have time to use it, now is the right time to maximize your beauty routine with hi-tech tools that enhance the penetration of active ingredients through LED light therapy (red, blue, or green as needed), or work with electrostimulation that tones the face with a lifting effect.

The gold mask. The quintessential color of this time of year, it is also an effective action on the skin. Why not treat yourself to a mask formulated with gold microparticles that are includeded in the formulas and have an illuminating effect that gives tone to the complexion? In general, all face masks are the best allies to prepare the face for the holidays or to revitalize it in post-holidays, thanks to illuminating, de-fatiguing, or purifying formulas.

The wellness ritual to try

Stimulating one’s creativity enables one to keep the spirit of childhood alive and to keep creating and recreating the world by constantly changing one’s perspective. This is a gift that needs to be taught. How? By sharing an exercise during house parties. You take a sheet of paper, fold it over itself several times, and on the first part, you write a word or draw a picture, then pass it on to another person who will have to do the same. At the end, you will have a page full of new ideas and cues to internalize.



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