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Soaring temperatures and scorching sun. Summer seems to be synonymous with vacation: all the ingredients are there for fun and relaxation, but beware…it is also the time of the year when you have the highest chance of getting sunburned. The first thing to do is to prevent sun-related ailments. What if you have not been particularly careful? No worries! There are also many sunburn remedies to counteract erythema, itching, and peeling, the main manifestations of sun damage. Let’s see together what they are.

How to prevent sun-related conditions.
Even before sunbathing, the first thing to do is to properly apply a cream with a high sun filter (no less than 30 SPF) to all parts of the body; from the face (on which it is best to choose a 50++ SPF to avoid annoying sunspots) to the arms, down to the back and legs. You can choose from the many options found in pharmacies, such as sprays, sunscreen oils, and creams, all of which are water-resistant to ensure adequate protection even when in the water. In the weeks (better in the months) before your beach or mountain vacation (but it also applies to those staying in the city), pay attention to your diet.

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