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Make-up to be more radiant

This spring, skin is at the center of makeup that focuses everything on its ability to reflect light. Texture is very important to achieve radiant makeup. A good skincare base is important to recreate this look, but it is through make-up that we are inspired by the skincare effect.

Skincare effect with makeup

This trend brings a diffused glow in the wake of the laminated skin trend we talked about here. The volumes of the face are anything but flat; subtle, more diffuse sculpting is done, giving the complexion a juicy, frosted look. What products are needed? A primer with a luminous, moisturizing effect that is applied before make-up or after applying a veil of blush to give a three-dimensional look that can reflect light. And then gloss eye shadows for the eyes and plumping lip glosses on the lips.

Glowing make-up with highlighter layering

Those who do not like this almost wet glow can opt for a more traditional radiant makeup. In other words, recreated with powdered highlighter layered on key points of the face. To amplify the yield, the art of layering, that is, the layering of multiple products so dear to Korean cosmetics, can also be replicated with illuminant. You start with the liquid highlighter and then overlay the powdery one, which will then have a less metallic definition. This step not only prolongs the life of the liquid highlighter but gives an iridescent effect that doesn’t look powdery. To finish, you need a touch of illuminant in the inner corner of the eye, on the tip of the nose, and the Cupid’s bow.

Brighter with blush

Blush is perfect for brightening the complexion and giving the complexion a bonne mine, a very French-style finish. To add a touch of extra radiance, you can apply a liquid illuminant and then complete the look with a veil of cream blush. Then set it all with a mist to be sprayed over the face. Spray water if applied before your regular daytime skincare, this conveys the actives even deeper. After make-up, it is a great on-the-go touch-up at any time.

Radiant skin with facial oil

Facial oil is the skincare secret to giving skin a dewy effect, that is, extremely glowy and smooth skin. The oil can be applied over make-up to add vitality to the look and make the skin look more radiant, while for a no make-up effect, it can be tapped with the fingers in strategic places to revitalize the skin and add radiance.

Light on the eyes

On the eyelids, rose gold shades are best for completing an iridescent look. This is a gold shade infused with rosy highlights. To create a point of light, it is recommended to spread it on the outer part of the fixed eyelid just below the eyebrows. The play of light created between the cheekbone, temple, and eye will give an extra radiant effect.

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