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The Body line represents the safe and complete answer to ensure the fundamental nutrients to the skin of the body by activating the support structures at the level of the dermis and stimulating the capillary microcirculation, primarily responsible for skin trophism and its imperfections, while hydrating, nourishing and firming the skin tissues.

The active ingredients in its multifunction formulations allow you to fight atrophic changes in the skin, cutaneous xerosis, fragile capillary microcirculation, and soothe the unpleasant sensations of the skin.

Our Body product
line contains

  • A remodeling and elasticizing body cream, which effectively fights localized adiposity and stretch marks;
  • A nourishing and elasticizing body cream, useful in the prevention of stretch marks;

Keywords: body, elasticizing, moisturizing, nourishing, trophism, hydrolipidic film

  • Remodeling

    $44.00 Body cream
    remodeling and elasticizing.
  • Balm

    $42.00 Body cream
    nourishing and elasticising.

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