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Cleansing is the line of Collagenil Laboratories formulated to ensure a delicate and at the same time thorough and complete cleansing, guaranteeing in each of its formulations the respect and preservation of the hydrolipidic film – the first natural protection of the skin from external insults.

Cleansing is available in different formulations, developed to adapt to all skin types.

It helps the skin tissue regain and maintain its natural balance, avoiding the delipidizing action typical of many detergents.

It cleanses the face delicately while hydrating and exfoliating.

Our Cleansing
product line

  • A creamy cleanser that cleanses by affinity, specifically aimed at dry, sensitive, delicate or reddened skin;
  • An exfoliating cleanser formulated as a cleansing milk with a scrub action.

Keywords: Cleansing, Beauty routine, Delicate cleansing, Hydrolipidic film.

  • Soft-Scrub Detergente

    $26.00 Exfoliating cleanser with scrub effect.
  • Detergente Restitutivo

    $23.00 Lipid hygiene treatment.

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