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Dry & Sensitive

Dry & Sensitive is the cosmeceutical solution of Laboratori Collagenil that ensures the correct balance between moisturizing and protective properties, which is essential to improve the look of dry, dehydrated, fragile and damaged skin.

Dry & Sensitive, in fact, ensures not only intense and deep hydration, but at the same time protects the skin by reinforcing the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

The synergy between hydrating and moisturizing ingredients translates into a face that looks healthier, smoother and well-nourished.

Our Dry & Sensitive
product line

  • An oil that restructures the skin’s hydrolipidic film. It has a deep moisturizing activity for dry and sensitive skin.

Keywords: hydrating, moisturizing, protecting, dry skin, sensitive skin

  • Gocce Vitali

    $56.00 Multi-Recovery oil.