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Liftensive is the line of Laboratori Collagenil dedicated to the Uplifting & Firming action of the deep layers of the dermis, capable of guaranteeing an immediate lifting effect combined with a long-lasting toning effect to achieve the perfect harmony of the face.

Through an innovative pool of functional peptides, Liftensive mimics the methods used in the mini-lifting to inhibit the contraction of facial muscles.

At the same time, synergistic active ingredients stimulate and enhance all the essential processes for correct epidermal reconstruction.

Our Liftensive
product line

  • An eye contour that’s suitable for those who want to firm and tone the area around the eyes and for those who need to smooth out the lines and wrinkles of the periocular area;
  • A cream for those who want an ultra-lifting effect on expression lines and skin relaxation;
  • A serum to counteract the signs of aging, such as loss of elasticity and thickness of the skin, expression lines and sagging skin.

Keywords: Lifting effect, Peptides, Expression lines

  • Perfect Serum

    $60.00 Immediate uplifting & firming serum.
  • Perfect Eye

    $50.00 Lifting serum for the definition of the eyelids.
  • 24H

    $69.00 Ultra-lifting treatment.