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Oleoactive is indicated for very dry skin.

The special ingredients present in the formula help the natural balance of the skin and infuse it with lipids and fatty acids which are commonly decreased or absent in overly dry skin.

When perfectly nourished, the skin appears more toned, firm and elastic, and the increased hydration can enhance visible plumpness and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Our Oleoactive
product line

  • A nourishing day cream dedicated to very dry and alipic skin that will also ensure an anti-wrinkle action;
  • A night cream with a detoxifying effect, with an intense nourishing, antioxidant and anti-wrinkle action;

Keywords: Alipic skin, Very dry skin, Hydration, Nourishing, Detoxifying.

  • Rivitalhydra

    $43.00 Nourishing emulsion
    with anti-wrinkle activity.
  • Night Defence

    $64.00 Detox night treatment
    with nourishing and restructuring action.

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