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Having glowing skin free of imperfections, smoothing out pigmentation irregularities, and enhancing the skin’s brightness are the goals of the Relux line.

Through the synergy of AHA exfoliants synergized with the latest generation of depigmenting agents, the formulations of the Relux line restore a luminous, smooth and homogeneous complexion, correcting discoloration, small scars, skin thickening, dilated pores, and smoothing the surface texture of the skin even on a deeper level.

Our Relux
product line

  • A day cream with an exfoliating and lightening action, which improves the brightness of the skin and corrects diffuse discoloration of the face;
  • A skin-protected emulsion with alpha-hydroxy acids (8% glycolic acid).

Keywords: peeling, exfoliation, hyperpigmentation, blemishes, glycolic acid, aha, radiance, brightening

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    Soft-Peeling Antiaging

    $43.00 Emulsion with alpha-hydroxy acids
    (glycolic acid 8%) skin-protected.

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