Face Cream

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Face Cream

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    $58.65 Ultra-lifting treatment
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    $58.65 Multi-correction treatment
    with plumping filler and regenerating action
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    $40.80 Lightening day cream
    with camouflage effect.
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    Daily Cream

    $33.15 Day and night treatment with sebum balancing and moisturizing action
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    Hyaluronic Gel

    $45.90 Hyaluronic acid booster serum
    plumping and antioxidant action
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    $36.55 Nourishing emulsion
    with anti-wrinkle activity.
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    Soft-Peeling Antiaging

    $36.55 Emulsion with alpha-hydroxy acids
    (glycolic acid 8%) skin-protected.
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    Stimolante Antietà

    $44.20 Intensive anti-aging treatment
    revitalizing, biostimulating