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Swollen and heavy legs, the anti-hot weather remedies

Hot weather worsens venous and lymphatic circulation. Here are the feel-good steps that improve leg health. Cellulite is one of the issues that causes concern especially in summer. Swollen and heavy legs undoubtedly have  more pronounced symptomatology, creating real discomfort.

Heat worsens venous and lymphatic circulation. Its vasodilating action promotes venous stasis: heat causes dilation of superficial vessels, increases venous overload and, consequently slows down blood circulation. All lower limb health is affected because increased pressure in the veins is accompanied by fluid stagnation in the feet, ankles, and legs. When symptoms are limited to the feeling of heavy legs, they can be relieved with some well being practices that promote drainage and improve microcirculation. Whereas when swelling is accompanied by pain, redness, or nighttime cramps, it is best to consult a specialist to investigate the presence of possible venous pathology.

Wellness actions for heavy legs

Even before thinking about cosmetics and ad hoc treatments, heavy legs can be fought with some habits of wellness. Physical activity improves circulation because it activates leg muscles and promotes venous return. Thus, a walk after sitting for a long time is always recommended. For those who spend many hours on their feet, compression stockings not only relieve symptoms but also help prevent them: the gradual pressure that the stockings apply from the bottom up promotes the return of blood to the heart, improving circulation. In addition, drinking plenty is essential to limit fluid retention.

What not to do on vacation? Overheat your legs by exposing them to heat sources, for example, by covering them with a towel during sun exposure. On the contrary, yes to long walks on the beach with feet dipped up to the ankles or to water sports that work as vascular exercise. In the evening, before going to bed, a stream of cold water from the ankles up to the thighs restores and takes away the sense of heaviness.

Beauty routine to relieve the legs

Creams and gels have a pleasant cooling action and a relieving effect. In the formulas of these cosmetics, some ingredients improve circulation. The most effective ingredients are blueberry, horse chestnut, Asian centella, ginkgo biloba, and red vine.

An excellent ally is lymphatic drainage massage, a special massage that, although performed with different techniques, always acts on the lymphatic circulation to facilitate it and thus reduce lymphatic stagnation,  swelling, and edema. The important thing is to consult a good specialist; those who practice this technique must have a perfect understanding of lymphatic circulation in order to intervene specifically on the legs or other parts of the body. The Vodder method of manual lymphatic drainage is the best known, and it is performed by doing tissue manipulation with gentle circular and oval pressures.

The alternative involves the use of a machine and is called pressure therapy. A medical treatment indicated to improve lymphatic and venous swelling. It is performed by wearing a legging with air chambers that are repeatedly inflated in sequence to promote fluid drainage.

What to do at home: Dry Brushing or dry body brushing. The movements it performs stimulate microcirculation and the lymphatic system, improving fluid drainage. It involves passing a brush with natural bristles over dry skin, moving from the bottom to the heart. It has exfoliating power and stimulates lymphatic circulation. It can be performed twice a week for about ten minutes. The pressure to be applied can be adjusted according to the sensitivity of one’s skin to avoid irritating it.


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