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The best remodeling beauty treatments for the body suitable for the winter season.

The best remise en forme (from French, “keep-fit“)  should last all year round as a gesture of self-care. This should be the case, at least for the application of body cream, scrub or dry brushing.

Customized cycles of beauty treatments, which are usually scheduled in the run-up to summer with the hope of achieving flash results, are more effective when incorporated into the winter routine. This more diluted time frame has two advantages: being able to better dilute sessions with more stable and lasting results and changing our approach to body care.

The idea is not to expect immediate effects from one’s skin by focusing everything on the shock or booster action but to be able to create constant wellness rituals that allow a gentler approach in sync with the body’s natural rhythms.

So here’s how to start taking care of your body when the temperatures outside are still cold and you’re walking around well covered.

Body treatments to do at home

The scrub should be a part of the normal beauty routine. A more structured remise en forme could include a specific body cream for the areas to be reshaped. We are therefore talking about lipolytic creams with a slimming, elasticizing, and toning effect to be applied on the abdomen, belly, and hips to combat skin sagging. You can start as early as now after showering so you can get to summer already in the maintenance phase (twice a week).

The hot bath with Epson salts has a detoxifying action and brings a regenerating effect to the entire body. Due to their high magnesium content, they support regeneration and have a detoxifying and invigorating action in addition to having a relaxing power.

Body Remodeling, by Laboratori Collagenil is a multi-action anti-aging body cream with a comfortable and rich texture specifically formulated to firm, tone and make skin smooth and vital. It helps shape body contours by limiting fat accumulation and cues subcutaneous metabolism. How to apply: on thighs, belly, buttocks, and hips massage with open palms and a little more energy. On the inner thighs apply the cream with lighter pressure, going up to the groin.

Body treatments to be done in the booth

Body reshaping takes the name Body Contouring and includes several techniques that aim to restore harmony to the shape without being overly invasive. There are several protocols to be used and many combine effectiveness and relaxation. Among them are:

Pressotherapy: A medical treatment indicated to improve lymphatic and venous swelling. It involves wearing a legging whose air chambers repeatedly inflate in sequence to promote fluid drainage. Some centers offer it in conjunction with a facial massage.

Radiofrequency: The most suitable treatment for redefining the silhouette because it compacts tissues and has firming and lifting power. Its electromagnetic waves reach the dermis and cue the formation of new collagen and elastin. Not all radiofrequency machines are the same. We talk about monopolar, bipolar, or multipolar radiofrequency depending on the number of poles on the same handpiece. The choice depends on the area to be treated and the blemish.
In the case of cellulite, monopolar radiofrequency works well because it allows deep tissue heating, bipolar radiofrequency is indicated for more delicate areas such as the face. In contrast, quadripolar radiofrequency is suitable for skin laxity problems of the face and body. Some machines combine radiofrequency with vacuum, which enhances the circulation stimulation already induced by heat by bringing more oxygen to the tissues and stimulating the lymphatic system.

Shock waves: They act effectively in the treatment of localized adiposity by activating microcirculation and stimulating collagenogenesis, which improves skin firmness. Shock waves are also effective against cellulite and localized adiposity. Six to 10 sessions are usually required and can be combined with radiofrequency.

Cryotherapy: Cold is our body’s friend. The inhabitants of Scandinavian countries, who regularly combine hot saunas with bathing in icy waters, know this well. Incorporating cryotherapy into your routine has positive benefits on the immune system, energy metabolism, promotes toxin disposal, counteracts inflammation, and speeds post-workout recovery.
Which cryotherapy to choose?  There are two cabins that are different but have the same beneficial properties: the cryo-chamber, which is a cabin with walls cooled by liquid nitrogen, inside which temperatures vary between -110°C and -130°C and where you enter with your whole body; and the cryo-sauna, a circular cabin, also cooled by liquid nitrogen, where the head remains outside, and only the body remains exposed to the cold.

Aesthetic medicine treatments

Aesthetic medicine treatments dedicated to body contouring include silhouette reshaping with hyaluronic acid, which we have explored in depth here, biostimulation for improving the cleavage, back of the hands and inner arms, and carboxytherapy for cellulite. The latter involves the injection of carbon dioxide through a medical device that aims to promote gaseous exchanges between tissues. This increased oxygenation improves microcirculation, fluid drainage, and also has a positive effect on cellulite.

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