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For glowing and protected skin, it is important to choose products that are proofed against heat and humidity. Discover with us the tips to deal with the summer.

Cleansing, hydration, and protection are the keywords of summer skincare.

For glowing and protected skin, you need products proven to withstand heat and humidity. Find out with us the tips to deal with the summer.

When summer is just around the corner (read closely!), you need to review your skincare routine, taking into account many factors. First of all, heat and sun exposure as well as wind and humidity. However, there is no need to panic. You don’t need to review your entire skincare routine (in many cases, you can use the products you already have on your vanity table), but following a few small rules becomes essential for your skin’s health and radiance. Here are all the steps dedicated to those who do not want to give up having  TOP skin during the warmer months. From cleansing to moisturizers to creams with sun filters, we’ll reveal the ideal beauty routine to pamper your face during summer!

Summer skincare: cleansing

Cleansing your face every morning is essential to remove make-up residue, dust, and excess sebum. However, it is best to choose gentle cleansers, such as micellar water or restorative cleansers that do not attack the lipid barrier. The same goes for the toner, which should not contain glycolic acid and exfoliating substances. As an alternative to the toner, thermal water with a cooling and decongestant action can be sprayed on the face. Here are two cleansing products that are ideal for any time of the year, and even more so in summer..

Detergente Restitutivo

Laboratori Collagenil Detergente Restitutivo is a cream cleanser aimed specifically for dry, sensitive, delicate, or reddened skin.

Summer skincare: scrubs and face masks

Once a week, it is important to do a deeper cleansing. In fact, in summer, the skin can produce more dead skin cells and more sebum, and therefore blemishes such as acne and blackheads may appear. The solution is  a light scrub to exfoliate the skin gently, making it smooth and glowing. The scrub does not make a tan disappear because it only removes dead cells by stimulating the skin’s natural renewal process. As a result, and contrary to popular belief, the scrub brings out the tan even more and -surprise- makes it last even longer!

The recommended product is: Soft-Scrub Detergente

Laboratori Collagenil Soft-Scrub Detergente is a cleansing cream with scrubbing action that gently exfoliates while respecting the skin’s pH.

After the scrub or before going to bed, a moisturizing mask can be applied to the face. If the skin feels tight and dry, it can also be used several times a day.

Summer skincare: moisturizers and sunscreen

Hydration is the first step in summer skincare. “Using moisturizing creams,” says Dr. Antonella Franceschelli, medical aesthetician owner of Studio Franceschelli in Rome, a medical tutor in the outpatient aesthetic medicine clinics of Fatebenefratelli Isola Tiberina Hospital and Uniderm consultant, “makes the skin well hydrated before exposure to limit the damage caused by strong UV exposure.” It is essential to get medical advice on the most suitable cream for your skin type (depending on whether it is dry or oily or of one phototype rather than another)  to avoid making a mess and worsening the final result.

How to use sunscreens

Remember that it is always a good habit to use sunscreens during this season, not only when exposing yourself to full sun when you go to the beach, but also when you have to take long walks. It is important to use sunscreens properly, preferably with high protection, to avoid photoexposure damage such as the appearance of spots on the face. Sunscreen should be applied at all times, even when in the city. At the beach, the application should be repeated every two hours because of sweat, water, and sand, while in the mountains, where the sun’s rays are stronger, the SPF should be higher. Finally, never forget to moisturize the lips, one of the most delicate areas of the body along with the eye area.

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