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The dermaroller is the most searched and purchased beauty tool online. Why? Because of its anti-aging properties and ability to maximize the effects of cosmetic products applied to the skin (there is also one specifically for the scalp). It is a roller characterized by very fine needles that, when passed over the skin, produce micro-perforations. This mechanism induces a tissue repair reaction that cues collagen production and cell turnover with an anti-aging effect. But not only that, the micro-needling action that renews the skin superficially increases the ability of cosmetic formulas to penetrate deeply.

This is why choosing the right product to go with the dermaroller is important. Not all cosmetics are suitable, and it is not recommended to combine it with skincare products that might temporarily inflame the skin, such as retinol or exfoliating acids.

What product to combine with the dermaroller?

The most effective treatment is definitely a cosmeceutical that provides efficacy proven by studies and clinical trials. Cosmeceuticals differ from traditional cosmetics in their medical approach. They are sold in pharmacies and have a targeted functionality and a higher concentration of active ingredients in their formulas. The choice of a combination of actives is designed to be even more functional: when actives bind, not only do their actions add up, but one enhances the performance of the other. In addition, the active ingredient around which the product is built is always clearly recognizable and guides the choice.

Thanks to the bioactive substances in the formulas, they manage to have both aesthetic and medical-aesthetic efficacy, a factor that makes them the best products to complement and prolong even aesthetic medicine procedures such as fillers, botox, and biorevitalization. Traditional cosmetics are able to smooth wrinkles by acting only on the surface and improving texture, cosmeceuticals, on the other hand, are able to deeply cue the epidermis, continuing the positive action of the filler and improving the quality of results.

Laboratori Collagenil has designed a customized product that works simultaneously with the dermaroller.

Collagenil C-30 Complex (COMING SOON) is a 30% Vitamin C Complex ultra-concentrated recovery & firming serum designed to achieve visibly brighter, smoother, and more rested skin. The combination of highly concentrated Vitamin C, low and medium molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid with a peptide complex, restores the skin’s natural radiance, promote a deep moisturizing action, increasing the firmness and elastic capacity of tissues.

This serum improves the quality of the skin with a smoothing and firming effect. It softens wrinkles, brightens the skin giving it a fresh appearance, and protects against oxidative stress produced by external agents such as pollution and smog.

The benefits of combining serum and dermaroller

Why use Collagenil C-30 Complex simultaneously with the dermaroller? Because by penetrating into the deeper layers of the epidermis, it further cues collagen production and the skin’s regeneration process. In fact, it is designed to be used in conjunction with and in support of aesthetic medicine treatments or as a unique all-in-one pre and post-facial treatment solution. The serum is offered together with a dermaroller, with the roller consisting of 540 needles designed for home use. It promotes skin tightening, stimulates collagen production, and helps increase the absorption of skincare products.

The simultaneous action of its active ingredients with the stimulating and conveying activity of the dermaroller make this combination the ideal ally for improving skin quality.

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