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Five aesthetic medicine treatments allied to the detox routine

Detox starts with the skin. If you desire to “purify” yourself, starting with the body’s largest organ, you are in the right place. Because if everything starts with a customized diet, the skin routine also needs to be reshaped to new needs. The goal is to eliminate all the impurities accumulated due to toxins-they cause grayness, fine lines, and dry and impure skin-and to defend the skin itself from external aggressions (wind, cold, humidity). Aesthetic medicine can provide valuable help in this detoxifying phase by giving the skin firmness, evenness, and radiance. Here are five aesthetic medicine treatments that are perfect allies in the detox routine.

Chemical peeling

Peeling is a treatment that repairs and restructures the skin by using exfoliating and regenerating substances such as alpha hydroxy acids, salicylic and retinoic acid, TCA (trichloroacetic acid) at various concentrations (10 to 35 percent), and phenol. There is no single type of peeling: depending on the concentrations of these elements, we will have superficial, medium, or deep peeling (when it involves the superficial dermis). The goal is always to have fresher, more radiant skin by cueing new collagen formation. By the way, winter is a season more than recommended for this type of treatment because, after the peeling, it is essential not to expose it to the sun to avoid redness and erythema.

Peelings to do at home

In addition to the classic chemical peel to be done exclusively by a cosmetic doctor, there are also cosmetic peels that can be done at home. The difference with chemical ones is mainly in the concentration of actives and acids, which can be up to 20%. The recommended product in this detox phase is Laboratori Collagenil Soft-peeling Antiaging. It contains 8% glycolic acid and is great for solving the problems of dull, dehydrated skin typical of this season. Soft-peeling Antiaging also contains jojoba oil, mallow and aloe extracts, zinc oxide (with soothing action), and the antioxidant and re-epithelizing vitamins E and A.

Exfoliation with Hydrafacial

Much loved by celebrities, it consists of a non-invasive but very deep facial cleansing thanks to a hydro-dermo abrasion that allows deep purification, eliminating impurities and dead cells while at the same time cueing cell regeneration. After the cleansing phase with certain acids, such as salicylic and glycolic, we move on to the restorative action characterized by using a mix of moisturizing substances, including hyaluronic acid.

Oxygen-ozone therapy to give a brightness boost

If you want to reoxygenate your tissues and brighten your skin, another good solution is oxygen-ozone therapy. How does it work? Through an airbrush, oxygen and ozone are sprayed onto the face, giving the skin an immediate fresher, firmer, and more radiant appearance. This is because ozone cues the production of endogenous collagen in the treated areas. In addition, this treatment, when carried out by professionals and with specific machinery, has virtually no side effects.

The Bioremodeling

Bioremodeling is the recommended treatment for those who want to reduce skin laxity with a tightening and redensifying effect that improves the oval. Hyaluronic acid in a hybrid form is used for bio-reshaping. When high molecular weight hyaluronic acid is used it gives support to the dermis, reshaping facial contours whilelow molecular weight hyaluronic acid has a moisturizing and cueing action. Thus, there is a skin regeneration process that cues fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin.

There is also a deep biorestructuring effect that stimulates connective tissue. Hyaluronic acid is injected along the nasal wing, along the cheekbones, and in the lower edge of the ear, finally in the area next to the mandibular angle and internally at the corner of the mouth. In these five areas of the face, there is a dense network of capillaries that allows for better distribution of the product.

The treatment is performed on an outpatient basis, and there are no contraindications. To see lasting results, you need to book two sessions spaced one month apart and repeat this cycle at least twice. The recommended skincare product after bio reshaping is Laboratori Collagenil Re-Pulp 3D. It has a light, creamy texture and a high concentration of peptides that help smooth out expression lines.

The facial radiofrequency

Facial radiofrequency can minimize the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging, giving firmness and freshness to facial skin. This aesthetic medicine treatment takes advantage of the advanced technology of special electromagnetic waves emitted by handpieces. The waves accelerate the activity of fibroblasts, generating heat and causing, in turn, a kind of thermal shock, thanks to which two complementary and very important actions take place:

  • Damaged collagen fibers are eliminated more quickly.
  • Fibroblasts are stimulated to produce new collagen, which will be reorganized into a shorter and thicker form, providing turgor and firmness to the dermis while ensuring increased tissue oxygenation.

Collagen is well known as a naturally occurring element in our body that plays a fundamental supporting action for the skin. It is the protein that most represents the scaffolding of the skin. However, as the years go by, its production decreases and it becomes very important to stimulate new ones, to ensure that our face looks as young and fresh as possible. With facial radiofrequency, this problem is solved with results in a short time.

The role of facial treatments

To achieve maximum results is to then apply specific formulations to the skin that complement and support the biostimulating action carried out by the medical-aesthetic treatment, and allow the skin to be hydrated. The perfect solution is to apply Collagenil Laboratories Bio Longevity Stimolante Antietà morning and evening. The biostimulating peptide complex in the formula reactivates collagen production, just as the radiofrequency session does. At the same time, Jojoba esters and Vitamin E perform moisturizing and antioxidant actions. As a result, the skin’s appearance will be more toned, firm, and radiant.

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