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During the summer, hair dye is off-limits: false. As long as you take care of it. Let’s debunk a myth with the right tips.

In summer, hair tends to lighten: it is the action of the sea, sun, and chlorine that- as we know already-are not friends to the hair’s health. However, this does not mean that we necessarily have to give up getting color and giving our hair an unusual look. Rather than prohibitions, there are some rules to follow concerning hair if you do not want to get to the end of summer with split ends, faded color, and dry lengths.

Hair dye in summer: when to do it

First of all, know that you can do the color before going to the beach, even the day before departure, though most recommend making an appointment with your trusted colorist a few days before the start of your vacation. In fact, the question is not whether or not to do the color, but whether you have all the right products to take care of it. Meaning: specific shampoos and treatments and restructuring masks and conditioners should be applied to a colored hair in summer, without being too sparing. The goal is also to try to reduce the action of the sun’s rays on the lengths.

How to choose the color

Another very important aspect is the choice of color. Here we are faced with a double opportunity: on one hand, you can opt for a temporary dye – which will last no more than a couple of weeks – on the other hand you can better study the color, leaving aside – at least for the time being – the crazier hues. For example, one of the tricks recommended by experts is to choose a shade slightly darker than you want because with the action of sea, sun and wind, it will tend to lighten up in a very natural way. If, then, your goal is precisely to lighten the hair naturally wait to dye and decide only when you return if the natural lightening you have achieved is actually what you wanted. Whatever your choice is, however, remember to rely only on the expert hands of a professional who can best recommend a vibrant color that is ideal for tanned skin.

Summer hair dye: what to pack and how to care for your lengths

Before you leave, check your beauty bag: it is essential not to forget to use sprays or oils with SPF protection factor on your hair too! Here’s what you should never forget to do:

  • Apply a protective product before exposure to the sun and after every swim in the sea or pool;
  • Use a wide-brimmed hat that protects your hair but also your face;
  • Avoid stressing your hair with the heat of straighteners and blow dryers: always try to dry your hair naturally.



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