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Aesthetic treatments and eye makeup, what to focus on to pop the eyes

Makeup is an excellent ally to enhance the eye area, As you will read in this article, a combined use of eyeliner, pencils, and eye shadows can enhance the eye shape and camouflage any imperfections. Which, if there are any, must first be taken care of with proper skincare. What to do then to make the eyes pop? We will explain in the next paragraphs.

Step one: how to correct puffiness and dark circles with cosmetics

Before approaching any type of eye makeup, let’s tackle the chapter of imperfections such as puffiness and dark circles together. The first thing to do is to choose the right cosmetic. All vitamin A derivatives together with peptides that stimulate collagen and have a Botox mimetic action by correcting expression lines is a right choice. While if the problem is puffiness, we prefer products that stimulate circulation and alleviate the swelling. Only after selecting the products that are right for us do we use makeup for a camouflage effect. The right product is concealer to be chosen in a shade of coral or peach tones if the complexion to be corrected is bluish, classic beige instead for all other imperfections (green, on the other hand, is perfect for acne or red spots). To brighten the area, you can use illuminating concealers but also those serums that have particles in the formula that can improve the reflection of light on the face.


Recommended cosmeceuticals:

Collagenil Laboratories Liftensive Perfect Eye

This cosmeceutical treatment is indicated for firming and toning the eye area and smoothing out lines and wrinkles in the eye area. The formula of Perfect Eye contains a combination of neuropeptides (Argireline® & Eyeseryl®) and phytoactive molecular complexes (Actiguard®). The neuropeptides instantly smooth out lines and wrinkles around the eyes, tone the area and simultaneously diminish the dark discoloration typical of dark circles under the eyes. Globally protecting the skin are phytoactive molecular complexes (Actiguard®) that slow the physiological process of dermal sagging and prevent skin tissue damage. The neuropeptide complex has a lifting action comparable to that of Botox.


Collagenil Laboratories Bio Longevity Intensivo Occhi

A cosmeceutical treatment for the eye area, it is indicated for skin thinned and marked by wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and firmness and for those who wish to restore freshness and radiance to the eyes. The cosmeceutical formulation contains bioactive phytoextracts with biostimulating and restorative properties that make the skin firm and elastic and Easyliance IO® that boosts the anti-aging action. Completing the formula are Ceramides, which moisturize the skin, giving it the protection it needs.


How to apply the recommended products: spread the treatment and pat with your fingertip (ring finger is better to exert less force) in light movements from the tear trough outward.

Two more tips to prevent aging around the eyes

  • Sleep with the right pillow. Eyes need rest: make sure you get the correct hours of sleep to get a more rested, brighter look. Sleep with a slightly higher pillow to avoid fluid pooling in the area.
  • Always use an eye contour with a high SFP protection factor. In addition to the recommended cosmetics, add a product with a sun protection factor to prevent the appearance of spots. Then don’t forget to use sunglasses to avoid marking the eye area.

Want to know the difference between fillers and botulin? Read this article to resolve all your doubts.

The trick to make the eyes pop

We know makeup is a very valuable ally in enhancing the eyes. Among the must-have products is eyeliner, ideal for enhancing the shape of the eye or optically “correcting” any small defects. Some examples? If you have a drooping eyelid, draw a short, straight pigtail. Conversely, with round eyes, the cat-eye is the recommended shape to lengthen the look. If you have small eyes, draw a thin eyeliner line on the upper eyelid, as close to the lash line as possible. That way your eyes will appear larger but your gaze will not be weighed down by a thick line. Those with large eyes can try any shape of eyeliner, having fun even with the more geometric ones. What to do, however, if you have distant eyes? The best solution is to draw the line from the inner corner of the eye, avoiding the classic comma going outward. On the contrary, those who have them close together will draw the line starting from the middle of the upper eyelid.


Eye makeup: try tightlining

The solution for those with small eyes who want to widen their eyes is called tightlining, a technique that was very popular a few years ago and is still very useful. Tightlining consists of filling the space between the upper lashes with a black pencil, eyeliner, or kajal to achieve a thicker lash effect. Its plus? It allows you to create a perfect no-makeup makeup. Here’s how to do it: choose a gel eyeliner or a kajal pencil and draw a thin line in the upper rhyme very close to the lash line. You can help yourself with an angled brush if you think using the product directly is more complicated.

How to have bigger eyes: the importance of eye shadows

Using colored eye powders and creams properly solves many problems. The recommended eye makeup to open up the eyes is smokey eyes. Apply a dark eye shadow on the mobile eyelid and blend it outward to give a diffused effect that immediately magnifies the eyes. The trick is to use a second lighter eyeshadow on the eyelid inward, reserving the dark one for the area closest to the temple. Never without mascara and eyelash curler: curling and lifting the lashes in fact, immediately opens the eyes (like using a pair of false eyelashes if you want to achieve a wow effect!).

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