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Cosmeceuticals combine the words cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, which makes them more complete and effective skincare products compared to simple cosmetics. Thanks to the bioactive substances present in the formulas, they are able to have an aesthetic and, at the same time, medical-aesthetic effectiveness, a feature that makes them the best products to complete and prolong aesthetic medicine procedures such as fillers, Botox, and biorevitalization.

The formula of a cosmeceutical is richer and more concentrated (the concentration of the active ingredient is higher than that of a beauty product) and can act deeper, with a corrective function and not only aesthetic. While traditional products can only mitigate wrinkles and improve texture on the surface, cosmeceuticals can stimulate the positive action of fillers in the depth of the epidermis, improving the quality of the results.

The cosmeceuticals of Laboratori Collagenil

The cosmeceuticals of Laboratori Collagenil are made up of highly concentrated dermo-functional active ingredients that act on the triggering factor of the blemish and not only on the blemish itself.


Hyaluronic Acid. It restores the epidermal tissue and has a filling action in localized skin voids.

Glycolic acid. Belonging to the family of sweet fruit acids, it is extracted from sugar cane. AHA (alpha hydroxy acids). In high concentrations it exfoliates the skin and can activate the physiological mechanisms through which it enhances the synthesis of collagen, elastin, and endogenous hydration, thereby improving the general skin’s trophism. The low molecular weight of glycolic acid allows an effective absorption on the skin surface, where it acts as a highly effective alternative to aggressive physical exfoliants.

Mandelic Acid. A member of the alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) family, it is a by-product of bitter almond extract. It is a a very large molecule, characterized by a large physical bulk that gives it a low penetration capacity, thus performing a superficial exfoliation It acts only on the stratum corneum, removing dead cells and bringing younger cells to the surface. It promotes cell regeneration and collagen production, thus giving the skin a more turgid appearance.

Peptides. Like the ARGIRELOX™ neuropeptide complex, which acts directly on the process of muscle contraction responsible for the expression lines with an ultra-lifting effect.




In addition to their effect on the skin, cosmeceuticals are characterized by their main active ingredients and synergistic functional ingredients, combined to maximize their effectiveness. Here are some examples:

Jojoba oil and Vitamin A and E. The first is rich in vitamins E, B2, and B3, plus acid esters and minerals such as copper, iodine, and zinc, chemically similar to human sebum. The molecules that make it up naturally bond to the hydrolipidic film, enriching it, while the vitamins have a re-epithelizing and antioxidant action.

MELYDRAN™: Extracted from honey, rich in oligosaccharides, minerals, amino acids, and organic acids, it acts on the skin in a specific way and HYDRASENSYL™ is a complex of substances of natural origin (Baobab and Serenoa serrulata) that gives a long-lasting, deep hydration.

Vitamin C. In addition to its best-known antioxidant activity, it promotes cell regeneration through neocollagenesis. Aloe has regenerating actions that increases collagen production, and moisturizing. Thanks to its polysaccharide content, it creates a barrier that prevents the skin from losing water. Panthenol is a precursor of vitamin B (pro vitamin B5) with regenerating and moisturizing properties. At a biochemical level it promotes lipid synthesis, re-epithelialization, and proliferation of skin fibroblasts regenerating tissues.

Re-Pulp Skin Treatment.


Difference between cosmeceutics and dermocosmetics

Dermocosmetics combines dermatology and cosmetics and was born as a healing approach to the skin as an extension of dermatological therapy. That’s we find all those products designed for specific skin problems under this term.  Cosmeceuticals and dermocosmetics share the same functional, active ingredients present in high concentrations, which are not limited to covering a problem but act with a corrective function.

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