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Here’s our botulinum toxin aftercare advice

Have you ever wondered what to do after an aesthetic medicine treatment with botulinum toxin? Or if there is a specific beauty routine that would allow you to maintain the results you achieve—or even better—to improve upon them?

Botulinum toxin post-treatment advice

Once you have completed your medical treatment with botulinum toxin, you may think you have achieved the best possible results in your fight against wrinkles.

This, however, is only partially true. Once you return home it is, in fact, possible and advisable to use formulations designed to support the effects of this treatment.

We are talking about what are known as temporary lifting effect creams, precious allies to our skin.

But how do they work to complement the effects of botulinum toxin?

They act on areas considered “off limits” for the toxin.

Botulinum is mainly used to minimize the appearance of expression lines on the forehead, as well as intercellular, periocular, vertical and horizontal lines at the base of the nose.

So, what can be done for areas where botulinum toxin treatment cannot be performed?

Why you should use the 24H Liftensive following botulinum toxin treatment

The perfect solution is at your fingertips. Our Liftensive 24H with its next-generation neuropeptide complex will improve the appearance of expression lines in areas of the face regarded as “off-limits” for botulinum. 

It targets expression lines that are the result of small and repeated daily movements of the face, reducing the appearance of visible signs of aging and providing a temporary lifting and tightening effect. 

In synergy with the Phytoextract complex, it helps maintain the dermal balance necessary for deep skin hydration. 

The constant use of Collagenil Liftensive 24H helps you to firm and recompact the skin, enhancing the features in a more youthful and toned V-shape.

Using the Collagenil Liftensive 24H formulation at home after botulinum toxin treatment means supporting the skin’s tone and firmness with a temporary lifting effect.

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